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At Ebe, it’s great to see young people challenged in their Christian Faith and how they ‘walk the talk’.



When? Sunday Mornings, 11am to 12pm 
Where? Orchard School 
Who? School years 6+

The young people stay for the first part of the main service to join the rest of the church in singing and worshipping God. We then head downstairs to the dining hall to spend some time together learning about what it means to follow Jesus. We have discussions, games, and activities to help us understand the bible and learn more of who God is. About once a month we stay in the main service together and spend time hearing and learning about the word of God. Every so often we get out and do something to serve the rest of our church... you might find us washing cars or giving out chocolate!



When? Monthly at different times
Where? Various locations 
Who? School Year 6+

This gives our young people a regular opportunity to get together and serve others, whether people in the church or in the local community. At the same time, our youth will learn why we do this stuff. This is all about discipleship so each time our young people are serving in the community, they will learn from the Bible why Christians do this.



When? Fridays, quarterly. 
Where? Woodlands Church, Belgrave Road, Clifton
Who? School Year 7+

The Mix is a city wide youth celebration. Youth groups gather from around the city for fun and games, worship and inspiration about what it means to follow Jesus. More details here.