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Our church is informal, diverse, and we welcome everyone to be a part of it.
Wherever you are at with faith we’d love to meet you and help you connect with us in whatever way fits for you right now.

As a church our aim is to be “continually reproducing the life of Jesus”.

We believe that Jesus is real, that He changes our lives, and that we become more like Him as we get to know Him better. We want to share that with our friends, family, and our communities.

This aim can be broken down into 4 simple parts...

We love Jesus. We want to help people find and follow Jesus.  

We love each other. We pray, worship, and learn, so that together we become more like Jesus. 


We follow Jesus’ example. We give our time, our skills, and our resources, generously.

We partner with others. We actively engage with our communities, our city, and our world to show Jesus’ love, and tackle issues of injustice. 

We don’t do any of this on our own. We trust God, learn from the Bible and depend on the Holy Spirit to keep filling us up, so we can be more like Jesus.

Vision Sunday 2 - September 2019

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End of year Review 2018-19