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How long have you been at Ebe?
I have been at Ebe for around 10 to 12 Years.

What attracted you to Ebe?
It started with my parents taking me to Ebe. Although I never disliked going to church it wasn’t something I specifically wanted to do. I believed in God but I didn’t really identify myself as a Christian. But overtime I began to feel that God loves everyone including myself and decided to become a Christian.

What do you do during the week?
I’m currently studying media at College. I also work as a play-worker for a charity called Incredible Kids and do Karate as a hobby.

What stories have you got about your time at Ebe?
The biggest highlight of Ebe for me is the Noise. What really excites me about the Noise is that you come to a project with a group and you work on it throughout the morning, afternoon or possibly all day. Then when it’s done you look back see the positive impact the project had. To realize that this is just one of many projects to have had a positive impact around the city that bank holiday weekend. I feel a wide sense of unity of people coming together to make something good happen which I think is something special.

What advice do you have for those thinking about becoming more involved with Ebe?
If your feeling nervous, don’t worry. The people here are very welcoming to others who want to get involved in church activities.



English language & Linguistics at UWE 2010-2013

Memories of being a student in Ebe...
Feeling so welcomed by the people in Ebe. It was so nice for me to have families (not just students) and also students around me. I also remember how easy it was to settle in at Ebe, people did not ask too many nosy questions whether I am Christian or not And if they did ask me about this, they just accepted me as I was in that time of my life.

Studying in the UK was a life changing experience for me - culture, language, how the university approaches their students both in terms of studies and also other areas.
I started attending a church (Ebe) for the first time in my life simply because I WANTED to go every Sunday, not because my parents would tell me I have to. And I met such nice people, with many of them I still keep in touch today.

I think of Bristol and Ebe quite often. Home away from home.

Advice to new students?
It’s good to realize why you came to uni/Bristol, what are your wishes and hopes, and create your new life around that.

Now I work for a company that runs 7 ho(s)tels - 6 in the Czech Republic, one in Ghana.

My job is quite versatile and I enjoy that.

Also my husband and I are getting ready for our first baby around Christmas time




I started UWE in 1999, which makes me feel very old, as it doesn't feel more than a few years ago! I studied Architecture and Planning.

The student lunches at Ebe were amazing! People were so generous and loving, which I appreciated as I really missed my family when I first left home. I have particularly fond memories of the bread and butter pudding! These events were a great way to get to know other students as well. 

It sounds a bit of a cliche but leaving home for Uni and settling in a great Church like Ebe really changed everything for me. I found my own faith, made great friends and grew in my walk with God. 

If you’re a new student in Bristol... Get stuck into a local Church. Get to know all the people in that Church, not just the students! Let the Church bless you and look after you when you first arrive, and once you settle find ways to serve and get stuck in. 

I now live in rural town in Somerset with my wife and three children. I enjoy working as a Conservation and Design Specialist for a Local Authority - yes, I actually have a job that is related to my degree!




I was in Bristol from Sept 2005 to summer 2008. I studied Product Design & Innovation.


I loved being a student at Ebe! There was a good 18-30's group which was great to get to know other young people who weren't necessarily students at UWE. I also loved all the work that Ebe did in the local community. I found it such a welcoming church; I really felt part of the family. A lot of people from Ebe touched and impacted my life in different ways which I'll never forget.

I loved my time at Uni, and made lots of lifelong friends. I'll also always look back at Ebe with a lot of love and I still miss it so much!

I would say my advice to new students is to make lots of different friends from different backgrounds and cultures. It's such a great chance to open your mind. And just enjoy yourself!! 

Probably similar to a lot of people I'm not doing anything to do with my Uni course! I'm now a Quantity Surveyor working for an international civil engineering company, and currently working on a framework project doing work down in Antarctica!





I was in Bristol from 2011 until 2013 doing my final year LL.B law degree, and after that the Barrister Professional training course. 


I treasured those times I had during the fellowship sessions, after the Sunday service. I got to know more local people and also got to have some hot meals, which was super nice given that we international students have to cook for ourselves most the times. The discussion about issues of Christianity helped me to unwind and escape from my studies for a while. 

The experience thought me to help and be friendly to people who are strangers to the land. Bristol was a nice and friendly city, and churches like Ebe really welcome the students who are studying in Bristol. I will help to share this spirit of helping/inspiring with others back in my home country. 

Studies are important but always remember to also put time aside to mingle and join student or Church events. You are only in UK for a specific amount of time. Make the most of it. - I would suggest joining BISC. That place is just awesome. 

I'm now practicing solicitor in the field of property law in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.




I was in Bristol from 2010-2013 studying midwifery. 

I have so many great memories of being a student at Ebe, being welcomed into the church family with many meals in lovely people's homes, time spent meeting one to one with a mentor who understood the pressures of my degree and was so supportive. It felt like home in a new city. 

My time in Bristol was a huge time of growth for me as I learnt to live independently of parents, studied for a vocation and made my way in the city. Ebe's role in this was invaluable, providing a wonderful 'refuge' when it was hard but also a place of challenge and encouragement to get to know God more and serve Him. 

A piece of advice for a new student in Bristol would be to get stuck in wherever you can and invest in friendships with students but also those who are beyond the student years! Being a part of Ebe helped me to maintain a level of reality and perspective outside of the 'student bubble'!

I got married when I left Uni and we moved to Exeter where I worked as a midwife for a couple of years. I am now a full time Mum to two little people!




I studied Business Administration with Marketing, from 2000 - 2003.

Ebe was a place of support, encouragement, and opportunity for me - there was a real inclusion to the church family. 
It was an amazing time to grow, learn and just experience all God had for me in that season. Coming from a small town to such a large city, Ebe was a solid foundation for discovering ministry gifts and generally serving Jesus and enjoying life.

As a new student, find a church you feel supported, valued and part of as soon as possible. Do not be afraid to visit several churches until you find this place and then commit to the people there. University is amazing, but also a vulnerable time. You need to be part of a local family for support during the highs and lows of life, while also having the opportunity to use your talents to bless the church. The CU at UWE was also a very important part of my growth and I made some amazing friends.

I'm now enjoying God's provision as a husband and father, serving a local church in North Devon along while managing my family furniture business and studying a part time MA in Applied Theology through Moorlands!




I was at UWE from Sept 2006 - July 2009, studying Primary Education. 

I came across Ebe through the churches fair at the CU and was given a lift in the first time by Julie and Alex. It was a week when there was a student lunch, during which I met a couple of others on my course who went on to become great friends. From that point onwards I went to Ebe every week, joined the kids club team, was mentored, and went to a fair few more student meals! At the end of my second year got married and we continued to attend Ebe together. Whenever family or friends visited they were brought along too. It really was the most warm and wonderful church experience, I wish I could have taken the whole church with me when I left Bristol! 

Ebe had a lasting impact on my faith and my view of church and what church can be when it is working really well. My student years were a time when my faith was really strong and that has helped enormously through tougher times since. 

After leaving Bristol my husband and I moved first to Brighton and then down to Devon where we live now. I spent 7 years as a teacher before finally making the switch to working at an animal rescue charity where I am loving my role as a welfare assistant.




I was in Bristol from 1997-2000, studying Psychology.

Ebe was great. My initial memories are about how welcoming everyone was. I didn't start at Ebe until I was in my second year but having heard a lot about it from friends who lived more locally, I soon realised why they raved about it. 

I think as a student who was for the first time trying to stand on my own 2 feet and find out what my faith meant for myself, it was so important to find somewhere I not only felt at home, but felt accepted and had the space to explore biblical matters for myself. It was great that while living away from home I was able to feel part of a church family. 

Finding Ebe when I did gave me such a secure base. My confidence grew vastly and I became comfortable in who I was and how God had made me. I learnt to have my own faith based on choice and not the expectations of my family, youth worker or anyone else. 

Life is now somewhat different! I am married and a dad to three adorable but very cheeky children. I work within safeguarding children and desperately try to hold onto God during the general chaos that I refer to as my life!



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