Easter Egg Sundae Party


On Sunday 7th April, we hosted an Easter Egg Sundae Party for our community of students and young adults. What’s an Easter Egg Sundae? It’s probably the greatest Easter-themed dessert ever conceived. Here’s how you make one.

Step 1. Take half an Easter Egg 
Step 2. Using the Easter Egg as an edible bowl, fill it with a selection of your favourite ice cream flavours 
Step 3. Pile on as many toppings and sauces as you please 
Step 4. Eat as much as you can without being sick

21 students and young adults joined us for this amazing afternoon. Can you imagine how much ice cream was eaten that afternoon? It was a great event and a great way to celebrate Easter in style. Thank you to everybody who came along and we hope you thoroughly enjoyed it. Check out some of the amazing designs our students came up with.

Stewart North