BISC needs your help!

The 2019 WELCOME: 9th – 27th September 2019


In September, BISC (Bristol International Student Centre) runs a WELCOME programme to meet and greet new International Students arriving in our city. Find out more what happens here during the Welcome period.

We need YOUR HELP to make this happen! Help is needed to:

1. drive students around (your car or our people-carrier)
2. cook/serve welcome meals (as a group or individual)
3. provide temporary overnight accommodation
4. man a welcome desk

Sign up today by contacting the Church Office or BISC Director Jacqueline Conradie-Faul ( or 0117-9159826).

BISC provides alot of support for international students who come to Bristol and as a church we have been involved in many ways including running BISC events. Volunteers are involved all year around and we encourage individuals and families to get involved in the local link scheme.

Each term BISC arranges a programme of events and activities for international students in Bristol to enjoy. It is important to take a break from studies to explore the country that you are studying in and BISC provides the perfect opportunity to explore historic cities and places of interest, as well as promoting cross cultural understanding and exchange through weekly events and cultural evenings. Find out more on their website or LIKE the facebook page

Stewart North