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Southmead Hospital


Bi-monthly Sunday Services


A team of us from Ebe run a Sunday Service for the patients at Southmead Hospital every other month (taking turns with several other local churches).

We visit the wards inviting people to the service, sometimes praying for them by their beds if asked to. We later return to the patients who want to attend the service and take them in wheelchairs to the Sanctuary. 

Our half hour services comprise of worship, a testimony and a short sermon and then we offer to pray for every patient who would like prayer before taking them back to their wards. For any who want to know more, we are able to give out Bibles and ‘Why Jesus?’ booklets.

It’s always such a rewarding time for us as the patients who attend are usually so very grateful for the opportunity to meet with God in this way. Even those who just come for a change of scenery are often visibly very touched by His love. It’s so heart-warming to see so many people encouraged.

If anyone is interested in volunteering for this ministry, please talk to Steve Allan or contact the church office.