Prophetic Prayer


Before Pursue, we’re offering some space for you to have a team of 2/3 people spend some time listening to God and praying with you. 
This is for anyone – you don’t need to share anything or even have big stuff going on in life, just come, let people pray for you, and be encouraged.

Our next prophetic slots are on Tuesday 19th November 2019.

To book a 15 minute slot between 7-8pm, fill out this form.

Here’s what people have said about it...

“I was really glad I took up the offer of having the team pray for me. I was a little skeptical at first, but figured there was no harm in having someone pray for me, even if God didn't tell them anything. The team spent a few minutes praying in silence for me and listening to God. Then they individually shared any words, pictures or encouragements they felt God had for me, and wrote them down for me to take away.
Sometimes it has been really specific and obvious how something fits in my life, and other times its felt like more of a general encouragement. However, it has always been a really positive experience. 

I see real value in signing up for the prophetic prayer slots. It’s a different way of inviting God to speak to me, and a way to give others an opportunity to practice hearing God's voice. It encourages all of us to build a deeper relationship with God.”

“I was made to feel really relaxed by those who were praying for me. They explained that I didn't need to do anything, and that they would be quiet, and listen to what they felt God was saying. They shared with me what they felt God had said in a really sensitive way and wrote it all down too, so that I had something to take away. I found it really encouraging and will definitely go again.”

Stewart North