Pastoral Care

At Ebe, there are many ways that we care and support each other through everyday life and also at times of particular difficulty. Our first line of pastoral care support is through being involved in a small group. If more support or counselling is needed, the small group leader will contact someone on the core leadership team, with permission.

Every Sunday, we also encourage people to respond to what God is doing in their life and offer prayer ministry at the end of the service.

Friends in Deed

Can you cook a meal? Or tackle a basket of ironing? Or baby sit? Or give a lift to the hospital? Or visit someone in hospital?

We are currently organising a pool of volunteers, called "Friends in Deed", who are willing to be called upon to provide a helping hand for those within Ebe experiencing any major upheaval and needing extra support e.g. after the birth of a baby/during serious or prolonged illness.

How can I be involved?

If you would like to be included in this bank of volunteers, or would like to know more details, then please contact the Church Office. Volunteering at this time does not commit yourself to helping out on any particular occasion, but rather gives us a list of willing volunteers we can contact to ask and mobilise at short notice when the needs arise. (It is intended to supplement rather than replace the responsibility we all have to care for each other!).