Gifts You Can Eat

A group of young people spent the last two Friday afternoons learning how to make edible gifts for their friends and family! This was our first ever Skill Space session (a group that aims to give young people the opportunity to learn new skills and have great new experiences) and we had a lot of fun. After getting to know each other a little and washing our hands, the first Friday session was spent making Caramel Rolo Fudge and Oreo Pops, and playing games. Once the fudge was setting in the fridge, the young people had great fun decorating their Oreo Pops to looks like emoji faces and/or Easter chicks. We used 'Candy Melts' for the first time, rolled out our own icing and together, worked out the best way to split an Oreo without breaking it... it took a lot of practice and unfortunately we had no choice but to eat the broken Oreos! The young people left with their sweet treats in a special gift bag, as well as a recipe card so that they could make the gifts again at home.

The second session was a little busier, and each young person left with three different edible gifts to give away (or not!); Marshmallow Crispie Donuts, Chocolate Tiffin and iced cupcakes. They also had the opportunity to make individual gift boxes for the beautifully decorated cupcakes. The young people enjoyed customising the their own portion of tiffin using the mix-ins that they liked best: raisins, smarties, custard creams, or even toffee popcorn! We also had great fun learning how to pipe different shapes using icing piping bags, and trying out edible spray glitter. Our favourite was glittery, multi-coloured swirl icing... otherwise known as 'unicorn poop'!

For almost all of the young people, it was their first visit to Ebe building. One young person said the sessions were 'the best thing they've ever done on a Friday!', and a number wished that we had more 'Gifts You Can Eat' sessions planned. We're really thankful to anyone who lent/donated kitchen scales, rolling pins, icing bags and any number of other baking-related items... and especially Tupperware containers so we could transport our edible gifts home!

We're looking forward to meeting more lovely young people and learning more exciting skills in our next Skill Space sessions. Keep an eye on our social media pages (facebook and instagram); we'll be opening online booking for our next sessions very soon...