Youth Update

Psalm 116:2 “Because He bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath.”
You’ll notice this verse doesn’t say ‘because [God] always does what I say, I will pray as long as I have breath.’ Or ‘because its really easy and fun all the time, I will pray as long as I have breath’. I noticed that too!

Can you imagine what it would look like if each of our young people (and actually, all of us in Ebe) prayed ‘constantly’(1 Thess. 5:17), ‘as long as they had breath’, no matter what it felt like or what the outcome was? If we prayed just because our Heavenly Daddy is interested and is listening?

A friend mentioned to me recently that she was trying to help herself remember that if she asks God to get involved, He will. If we involve Him in the big and small matters of life, He loves to help us, to provide for us, to show us His grace. I’d love for our young people to put this ‘theory’ to the test this year. My aim is to give our young people more and more opportunities to just talk to Jesus, and hear Him answer. Broken phone? Ask Jesus to fix it. Upset friend? Talk to Jesus about it! Reading something in the bible you don’t understand? Ask the Author to explain it to you! Reading something in a maths text book you don’t understand? Ask the Creator to explain it to you! Can’t be bothered to pray, to read, or to come to church? Tell Jesus how you’re feeling, and ask Him for help! What would it look like if this was the ‘default setting’ for all of us?

I’ll be intentionally making more space for talking to Jesus this year, in our Sunday morning and evening groups, young people’s homegroup, in schools work, and in our Friday evening drop-in. I’m excited to see our young people take ownership of the Ebe 24/7 prayer room this coming term, so please pray for them as they work to create a space where talking to Jesus is easy. During 24/7 Prayer Week, could you commit to an extra hour or two and ask your Daddy to teach you to pray, or talk to Him about the prayer lives of our young people? If you see a young person during a Sunday service, why not offer to pray for them or ask if they could pray for you?

Every (young) person is different, but there’s something that is true for all of us, young or old; we’re loved by our Father and He is always delighted when we speak to Him – however we choose to do that and whatever we talk about. He bends down to listen, so pray!

(Update from Claire Stoney - Ebe Youth Leader)