Autumn term in youth work

(Update from Claire Stoney - Ebe Youth Leader)

As Youth Leader at Ebe I can't help but get excited about the things that God is doing in our various different youth groups. Each week I get to see God moving in different places and showing Himself to different young people in ways that I know are specifically tailored to each individual young person's situation, understanding and heart. I feel blessed to be able to work with and live alongside so many different young people, each with different passions, talents, backgrounds and stories.

This is also true for the wonderful people who volunteer in different capacities in our youth work at Ebe. Each leader is uniquely made and it thrills me to hear the different things that get them excited as they see God at work in the lives of our young people. I asked the question, "What are the most exciting things you've seen God doing with our young people over the last term?".

Here are just some of the responses I received:

"At Lates, it is a blessing to see the walls breaking down and relationships beginning to form. I've been very encouraged by the questions the young people ask and their
willingness to let us pray for them." - Pattie

"When the young people at The Rock prayed in groups the other week it was ace! We recently had a really open discussion about God's character which was great, and I really enjoyed the reflective time we spent in the park listening to God over the summer." - Henry

"I get really encouraged by the young people's friendships with each other and can really see God at work in their lives. Little things like their attitudes changing, the questions they ask and the way they pray and support each other." - Em

"It's been inspirational to work alongside people who are passionate about serving God through serving the community each week at Lates! Whilst the impact of the weekly talk is sometimes difficult to gauge, it's clear from speaking to some of the young people that God is at work in their hearts." - Jason

"Youth homegroup has been exciting. What a joy to see the young people begin to grasp who they are in Christ and that they actually can (and do) hear from God!" - Pattie

I hope that these brief thoughts excite you. They should! God is longing to move (even more) in the lives of the young people who come into contact with us at Ebe. Do feel free to ask me, the other leaders and the young people themselves what God is up to. Lets encourage each other with stories of God's goodness and power and pray that we'll see Him moving even more.